Green Jelly plot VHS live release


Green Jelly have launched a crowdfunding appeal to help produce what will be a very limited edition VHS tape featuring the band on tour.

The band have had more than 600 members down the years, including Maynard James Keenan, Danny Carey, Weird Al Yankovic and Hulk Hogan.

Drummer Rob Gabriele, boss of one of the outfit’s “regional franchises,” is behind the Kickstarter campaign. The aim is to follow the band on a short tour of Ontario, Canada, and use the resulting footage to put together a concert and behind-the-scenes movie.

Green Jelly Suxx Live will never be made available anywhere else – only fans who support the campaign will ever own the videotape and accompanying digital edition.

Gabriele says: “Before Gwar, before Slipknot, hell even before Nintendo, there was Green Jelly, the Godfathers of punk rock puppets. It’s been three years since I joined, playing one or two gigs annually. This year will be different. I booked a four-day tour of Ontario. I’m ecstatic.

“We will be filming the entire tour and professionally recording audio from one of the gigs. The release will be 60-90 minutes, limited to only copies of VHS and will not be available after this campaign.

“The VHS tape will include full colour art and 8x7 poster inserted exactly like the two original VHS releases Cereal Killer & 333.”

Gabriele points out that Green Jelly are best known for their videos, and says he’s been collecting laserdisc and Betamax copies of their work. He adds: “This tape is the same. A timeless piece of history that will be printed once.”

The campaign aims to raise $5000, with any extra being put towards additional content.