Gojira aim to avoid writing great songs

Gojira frontman Joe Duplantier says it's important to be selfish sometimes – and ignore moments of inspiration.

That’s why he’s deliberately not written songs when ideas have come to him as the French outfit consider making a follow-up to 2012 album L’Enfant Sauvage.

Duplantier last night told TeamRock at Sonisphere Finland: “These days we’re very creative; we’re really inspired and we have a lot of songs coming out of us. I feel great about it. It’s almost to the point where we’re like, ‘We should release something.’”

But he stated he was enjoying the experience of touring too much to find time for a studio project. “I’m in my hotel room after a show, just playing, and thinking, ‘Damn, that would be a great song,’” he said.

“I like to stay in that vibe. It’s selfish, but as a musician I think it’s really important sometimes to feel that you could write a great song – but not actually do it.”

A sixth album will eventually appear, he confirmed, adding: “We’ve got this mountain of riffs. But don’t expect us to be doing a Gojira rock opera; we’re going to keep it traditional.”

The FInnish edition of the Sonisphere festival took place yesterday in Helsinki, featuring Metallica, Slayer, Danzig, Mastodon, Ghost and Gojira. The UK edition will be held at Knebworth Park on July 4-6, headlined by Metallica, Iron Maiden and The Prodigy.