Gleb Kolyadin releases trailer video for new solo album

Gleb Kolyadin
(Image credit: Gleb Kolyadin)

Iamthemorning pianist and composer Gleb Kolyadin has released a new video trailer for his brand new solo album Water Movements, that was released this week. You can watych the new trailer below.

"My new album Water Movements is finally out," says Kolyadin. "This release contains several piano sketches from “poloniumcubes diary”, spontaneously recorded over the years. I'm happy to share these tracks and now concentrate on working on the next big album, which will begin recording this summer."

Water Movements which is a collection of cinematic pieces united by images of water and creative flow, features Kolyadin on rand piano, synths, keyboards, with Vlad Avy adding guitar. Avy has produced Water Movements with Kolyadin as well as having mixed and mastered the album.

Water Movements is available as a limited edition digipack CD with 16 pages booklet and as a digital album.

Get Water Movements.

Gleb Kolyadin

(Image credit: Gleb Kolyadin)

Gleb Kolyadin: Water Movements
01. colourless | 2015-12-02
02. immersion | 2016-12-1
03. sea song | 2018-06-26
04. reminiscence | 2018-06-28
05. mirage | 2018-06-30
06. serene | 2018-01-12
07. high tide | 2015-11-30
08. hiraeth | 2019-08-12
09. celeste | 2015-11-23
10. detour | 2019-08-08
11. frozen light | 2015-10-14
12. the wave | 2019-04-01
13. leaden grey | 2019-09-19

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