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Glass Hammer trail Double Live album

Glass Hammer have launched a trailer for their upcoming Double Live album.

No release date has been confirmed – but Steve Babb says the show, recorded at RoSfest earlier this year, will entertain even the most demanding prog fan.

Babb tells Prog: “We’ve captured an energy and rawness here. For many fans, the DVD will be the first look at a lineup that’s been going strong, performing and recording non-stop for the last two years.”

The lineup features Babb, Susie Bogdanowicz, Carl Groves, Aaron Raulston, Kamran Alan Shikoh and Fred Schendel.

Double Live includes music from Glass Hammer albums Perelandra, Shadowlands, The Inconsolable Secret, IF and The Breaking Of The World. The pack will contain two CDs and a DVD, with full details to be revealed soon.

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