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Gilmour has ‘no room’ for Floyd in his future

David Gilmour says there’s no room for Pink Floyd in his future, and he’s turning his full attention to a solo album, which he hopes to release next year.

And he won’t rule out the possibility of appearing on stage with Roger Waters again.

He’s already said upcoming Floyd record The Endless River, due on November 10, is almost certainly their last.

Now Gilmour tells Rolling Stone: “I’m really enjoying my life and my music – there’s no room for Pink Floyd. The thought of doing any more causes me to break out in a cold sweat.”

He says of the follow-up to 2006 solo title On An Island: “It’s coming along very well. There are some sketches that aren’t finished and some will be started again. There’s a few months work in it yet; I’m hoping to get it out this following year. Then I’m hoping to do an old man’s tour, not a 200-date sort of thing.”

Gilmour last appeared with former bandmate Waters in London in 2011. Asked if he could be talked into another reunion, he says: “I wouldn’t rule anything out. But the likelihood of it being anything more than one little charity show is very, very remote.”

He adds that the idea of bringing Waters in for The Endless River was a non-starter. “Why on earth anyone thinks what we do now would have anything to do with him is a mystery to me,” Gilmour states. “Roger is very used to being the sole power behind his career. Coming into something that has any democracy about it – he wouldn’t be good at that.

“Besides, I was in my 30s when Roger left. I’m 68 now; it’s over half a lifetime away. We really don’t have that much in common any more.”

Pink Floyd are the cover artists of the current edition of Prog, on sale now.