Ghost pinpoint London show as key career moment


One of Ghost’s Nameless Ghouls has picked out a 2010 show in London as a landmark moment from the band.

They played the city’s Camden Underworld that year with the group member reporting that before they took to the stage, they had no idea if people would like their music.

In an exclusive Q&A feature in the new edition of Metal Hammer, the Nameless Ghoul is asked about his best memory in Ghost’s career.

He says: “There have been so many points in time that felt like milestones. Obviously The Grammys were fun, and meeting such-and-such was fun – there are so many anecdotes.

“But one point in time where it felt like the band was really going somewhere was when we played our second show at the Camden Underworld in 2010.

“The response from the crowd was overwhelming. Since we hadn’t really played live, we weren’t sure how many people would be into our music.

“At that point, London was the epicentre of where our music had spread. The record Opus Eponymous had been out for a week, and that was a moment in time where it felt like this was definitely going somewhere.”

Ghost are working on the follow-up to 2015’s Meliora, with another of the Nameless Ghouls last month saying it would feature “everything from heavy, crushing metal to big, ballady anthems.”

They also revealed that the live version of Ghost and the recording lineup “has never really been the same thing.”

The full Q&A feature can be found in the new edition of Metal Hammer which is out now. Mastodon are the cover stars, while artists including Rammstein, Volbeat, Creeper, Machine Head and Behemoth frontman Nergal also feature in the magazine.

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