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Chop Suey in the style of Ghost

Ten Second Song Guy does Ghost

Ten Second Song Guy recently covered System Of A Down’s Chop Suey in the style of 20 different artists – from Michael Jackson to Faith No More. To gauge just how popular certain artists were in the video, TSSG held an online poll asking for his fans to vote for their favourite, which they did in their thousands. The resounding winner with over 4000 votes was Swedens’ occult-loving Ghost.

So, doing his best impression of Papa Emeritus, Anthony Vincent performed the entirety of Chop Suey in the style of Ghost – complete with organ and human skull. It’s actually impressive the commitment he gives to the outfit, even with the white contact lens and mitre – there’s even the odd nod to the church with slight alterations of the lyrics.

We think Ten Second Song Guy should Ghostify some more songs. Which songs would you want to hear in the style of the Satanic clergy?

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