Get your exclusive signed Lamb Of God lyric sheet with our new Metal Hammer bundle

Lamb Of God bundle
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Following the release of Lamb Of God’s ninth album, Omens, Metal Hammer are proud to team up with Richmond, Virginia’s finest metal exports for this exclusive new bundle, only available online.

This special edition of the latest issue of Metal Hammer magazine features an exclusive variant cover, plus an Omens lyric sheet hand-signed by none other than Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe himself! There are only 200 bundles available worldwide, so pick yours up while you can.

Speaking to us for their fiery cover feature, in the new issue, singer Blythe revealed that their angry new album is inspired by the “angst” and tensions in today’s world of unrest.

“If there’s a unifying theme of Omens, it’s to pay attention to what’s happened in the past, because it’s happening now,” Randy says. “Authoritarian tendencies are rising up again – especially on the far right – and we have to pay attention to that so we don’t let the fucking demogogues have their way. We just don’t seem to be learning – motherfuckers, pay attention!”

As well as the rest of that Lamb Of God interview, issue 367 of Metal Hammer also features exclusive features, reviews and news starring the likes of The Hu, Mitch Lucker, Halestorm, Hellraiser, Amy Lee, Lorna Shore, Murderdolls, Devin Townsend and much, much more.

Order your copy of the exclusive Lamb Of God bundle online – and get it delivered straight to your door

Omens is out now via Nuclear Blast Records. Lamb Of God tour the UK and Europe later this year.

Eleanor Goodman
Editor, Metal Hammer

Eleanor was promoted to the role of Editor at Metal Hammer magazine after over seven years with the company, having previously served as Deputy Editor and Features Editor. Prior to joining Metal Hammer, El spent three years as Production Editor at Kerrang! and four years as Production Editor and Deputy Editor at Bizarre. She has also written for the likes of Classic Rock, Prog, Rock Sound and Visit London amongst others, and was a regular presenter on the Metal Hammer Podcast.