Get Some Free Fist!

Gandalf's Fist

Cumbria's finest progressive sons Gandalf's Fist have offered a free download from their epic The Clockwork Fable package.

The move celebrates the second anniversary of the release if the band's triple album opus, which features contributions from the likes of Mark Benton, Arjen Lucassen, Matt Stevens, Dave Oberle, Zach Galligan and more.

"We’re sure there’s still a large horde of people out there that have yet to experience the world of The Clockwork Fable," the band state. "And perhaps there are even those that are somewhat cautious of the notion of a triple album… with this promotion we’re removing that risk – we’re keen for everyone to be able to experience, what we truly believe, is a unique and timeless concept album."

To download the first act from the band's album, simply head to the special section of the Gandalf's Fist website.