Former Warbringer drummer Nic Ritter dies

Nic Ritter
Nic Ritter

Former Warbringer drummer Nic Ritter has died.

The news was confirmed by the band’s vocalist John Kevill on Facebook, who reports that Ritter drowned in his pool.

Kevill says: “Got some awful news last night – Nic Ritter has died. I spent about two years on the road with this guy and probably about 350-400 gigs. It really shook me up to hear he is gone.

“I had spoken to him recently but not seen him for many years and I’m kicking myself for it now. I will make a proper tribute when I’ve collected my thoughts a bit and learned more of the circumstances.

“As of now, what I know is that he drowned in his pool. I wish I knew more, hopefully will find out soon.

“Very sad day. I wish I had got the chance to hang and catch up on old times. We never did.”

Ritter joined the band in 2008 and appeared on Warbringer’s second album Waking Into Nightmares. He departed in 2011.

The drummer also played with Los Angeles prog metal outfit Prototype between 2008-2009.

Warbringer released their fifth studio album Woe To The Vanquished earlier this year – their first with guitarist Chase Becker and bassist Jessie Sanchez.

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