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Grohl laughs off leg-break conspiracy idea

Foo Fighters mainman Dave Grohl has laughed off the idea that he faked his stage fall to make money.

He broke his leg during a concert in Sweden in June, and after cancelling just a handful of shows, returned to action from a throne he designed while under the influence of medication.

Grohl said in Portland, Oregon, this week: “I have a note from my doctor – although I’m really into the idea of a conspiracy theory.

“What if I didn’t break my fucking leg? What if I jumped off stage, fell on the ground and made it all look like it was a fucking emergency?

“They dragged me off to the side, the band keeps playing, then 10 minutes later I magically reappear. Then I get somebody else’s X-ray of a broken leg, make it into a T-shirt and we make millions of fucking dollars.

“And I design this fucking awesome throne so I don’t have to stand up any more. Imagine that!”

The Foos this week won two Emmy awards for their Sonic Highways documentary series, shot while they recorded their album of the same name.