Foo Fighters agree to crowdfunded show


The Foo Fighters have delighted fans in Richmond, Virginia, after agreeing to play a crowdfunded show in the city.

Dave Grohl and co haven’t been there in over 15 years, and that prompted a group of supporters to launch a campaign designed to bring them back.

The Crowdhost deal was that everyone who pledged $50 would only be charged if the show went ahead. The $70,000 target was reached over the weekend after two local businesses each threw in $5000.

And the Foos responded by tweeting: “Well, well, well… see ya soon. Let’s have a good time.”

Fund organiser Andrew Goldin tells Spin: “Rather than waiting and waiting and waiting for our favourite band to come to us, we’re making it happen.”

Grohl recently confirmed the band’s eighth album would be released in November, although he was already turning his thoughts to the follow-up. Drummer Taylor Hawkins hinted in May that the band would be back in the UK soon, saying: “I’m going to have me a good curry this summer at some point – do you know what I mean?”

Foo Fighters crowdfund campaign