Fleetwood Mac album could be double


Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham says the band's first studio album with Christine McVie since 1987 could be a double-length release.

He admits he’s amazed at the results of their first writing sessions since McVie confirmed her return to the band earlier this year.

But he touches on the possibility that it could be the band’s final studio outing.

Mac have eight tracks in production and as many as 15 songs in total – and that’s before Stevie Nicks contributes her own ideas.

Buckingham tells Billboard: “We got into the studio not knowing what to expect, and the chemistry was just unbelievable. It just played out really organically in a way that seemed appropriate.

“It just took on a life of its own. For years I was telling everybody, ‘She’ll never be back in the band; she’s gone.’ I really believed that. But right now the whole thing has such a circular feel to it.

“And if you’re talking about one more act for this play, or whatever you want to call it, I can’t think of a better way to do it.”

Buckingham reveals that track titles include Carnival Begin, Red Sun and Too Far Gone and adds: “We’re all very excited about it. Knowing me I’m going to be pushing for a double album.”

And while a release could be a long way off, he says: “We want to plant some seeds of awareness of what we’re doing. We won’t pretend it doesn’t exist. We’ll see how much clamour there is by the time we get into rehearsal; that may inform our decisions one way or the other.”

Fleetwood Mac are scheduled to start tour rehearsals in July and commence a 34-date US tour in the autumn.