Filter target 'stripped down' sound


Filter are set to start recording their seventh album, frontman Richard Patrick has confirmed.

The band will once again be working with producer Ben Gross on what will be the follow-up to 2013’s The Sun Comes Out Tonight. Patrick says the tracks are reminiscent of Filter’s 1995 debut album Short Bus and adds that he called in former Filter collaborator Brian Leisgang to work on the songs.

Patrick says: “I’m headed in a new direction. More stripped down industrial sound. Keeping things moving but a way more ‘fuck it’ approach. Just like Short Bus, although it won’t sound like Short Bus. But it will sound like Filter.”

Patrick has also revealed that he is working on a memoir that will cover his career from his days with Nine Inch Nails to the present day.

He adds: “If people had any idea of what happened to me from my NIN days to now, they’d be shocked. Drugs, betrayal, war, death, crime, music, pain, and drugs.”

Filter head out on a North American tour with Coal Chamber, starting in Arizona on March 6.