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Filter: The Sun Comes Out Tonight

Ex-NIN guitarist lightens the industrial load

Now celebrating their 20th anniversary, Filter have always been one of those bands who threatened to be so much more than they’ve ever become. In a way, the band’s sixth album sums up the dilemma.

There’s no doubting Filter’s melodic consistency. Songs like Surprise, Watch The Sun Come Out Tonight and First You Break It have a pop essence shagging industrial grooves. It makes the music highly accessible, while retaining a dark edge. And there’s also gritty riffing splayed all over What Do You Say and This Finger’s For You.

But where do Filter fit? They’re too lightweight for most metal fans, too pop for many industrial fans,yet also slightly too fierce for melodic rock fans. So, the danger is that an album like this will fall through the cracks. But bollocks to categorisation. The quality shines through here with so much individual confidence that the album deserves to be hailed. As they prove on the anthemic Burn It and the moody It’s My Time, this band have an undying creative, restive urge.