Filter creating 'new industrial' on album no.7

Filter frontman Richard Patrick has revealed he’s creating a ‘new industrial’ sound on their upcoming seventh album.

He previously said he would be going for a “stripped down” style on the follow-up to 2013’s The Sun Comes Out Tonight.

Now he tells All Access Live: “I’m developing a completely new sound for the band – ‘new industrial.’ I guess creating a new genre is where I’m at.

“Filter’s always been so hard to place. Some people say, ‘I like the rock,’ and others say, ‘I like the mellow stuff.’ There are several songs that sound straight-up industrial, like old Filter, and I have to stay true to that sound. But it’s so important to venture forward and recognise we’re in 2015.”

Filter are targeting a summer release, but Patrick says he and the band won’t hurry the process.

He continues: “When you’re creating something brand new, you have to be honest and very on point on your criticism of it, or your style. You don’t wanna rush anything.”

Guitarist Jonathan Radtke announced his departure from the group earlier this month and Patrick has brought in a new-look lineup featuring guitarist Oumi Kapila, bassist Ashley Dzerigian and drummer Chris Reeve.

Patrick is working on a book that’ll cover his career from his days with Nine Inch Nails through to his most recent work.