Fear Factory have added real drums to one of their previous albums

Fear Factory 2012
(Image credit: Martin Philbey/Redferns)

Fear Factory have announced plans to reissue modern classic album The Industrialist, complete with real drum tracks and bonus songs, under the title Re-Industralized.

Originally released on June 5, 2012, the band’s eighth record featured digital percussion with the help of Devolved drummer John Sankey – a move that led to the departure of sticksman Gene Hoglan, who hadn’t been consulted over the project.

“In celebration of the album’s 10th anniversary, Fear Factory announces Re-Industrialized, replacing the programmed percussion with live drums newly recorded by longtime drummer Mike Heller,” a statement read. “Re-Industrialized features bonus tracks, including Enhanced Reality, which was originally intended to close the album. Release details will arrive soon!”

Guitarist Dino Cazares has yet to announce the vocalist hired in place of co-founding member Burton C. Bell, who quit acrimoniously in 2020. Cazares said recently he’d been set to reveal the name before a planned tour with Static-X was postponed.

“If I announce his name right now, everybody’s gonna attack – boom!” he argued. “They haven’t even heard him yet, and they’re gonna attack him. So I wanna do it where I release a track.” He added that it wasn’t that simple, because planning was required.

“You’ve got something to tour on. It would hopefully help generate more ticket sales, generate more interest for the band. But if I release a track now, there’s nothing behind it and it’s just whatever. So I’m withholding who this person is till the time is right.”

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