Fabled CSNY box set coming soon


The long-awaited Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young live box set CSNY 1974 has appeared on Amazon without announcement – and it’s set for release on July 7.

Rhino Records have revealed the 48 songs that make up the collection, all of which were recorded during the band’s notorious 1974 US tour.

David Crosby last year told Rolling Stone: “If you’re listening you would think we were really, for a moment, the best band in the world.”

Despite their debauched behaviour on the road 40 years ago, he insisted: “The only reason the tour wasn’t great is because we were ripped off. It made, like, $12 million – and we each got less than half a million.”

He revealed that he was hoping to call the box set What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, arguing: “I think it’s hysterically funny. It shows we have a sense of humour about ourselves. If you know us, know the history, know the whole deal, it’s impossible to not crack up at that title.”

But he added: “I can think of at least one person where that won’t be a problem – and I can think of a couple of people where that might be a problem.”

CSNY 1974 is available for pre-order now.

Disc 1

  1. Love The One You’re With 2. Wooden Ships 3. Immigration Man 4. Helpless 5. Carry Me 6. Johnny’s Garden 7. Traces 8. Grave Concern 9. On The Beach 10. Black Queen 11. Almost Cut My Hair

Disc 2

  1. Change Partners 2. The Lee Shore 3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart 4. Our House 5. Fieldworker 6. Guinevere 7. Time After Time 8. Prison Song 9. Long May You Run 10. Goodbye Dick 11. Mellow My Mind 12. Old Man 13. Word Game 14. Myth Of Sisyphus 15. Blackbird 16. Love Art Blues 17. Hawaiian Sunrise 18. Teach Your Children 19. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

Disc 3

  1. Deja Vu 2. My Angel 3. Pre-Road Downs 4. Don’t Be Denied 5. Revolution Blues 6. Military Madness 7. Long Time Gone 8. Pushed It Over The End 9. Chicago 10. Ohio

Disc 4

  1. Only Love Can Break Your Heart 2. Almost Cut My Hair 3. Grave Concern 4. Old Man 5. Johnny’s Garden 6. Our House 7. Deja Vu 8. Pushed It Over The End