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EXCLUSIVE: Obituary – Inked In Blood album stream

Nearly three decades on from its birth throes, it’s easy to forget what a well of creativity the Floridian death metal scene was, every album a revelation, every band emerging with their own distinct take on a sound whose shock waves still resonate to this day.

Amongst the likes of Death, Deicide, Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse, Obituary were at once the most atmospheric and the most down to earth, the grimy, doomy lurch of Slowly We Rot and Cause Of Death, accentuated by John Tardy’s trademark, strangulated howl steering clear of the more esoteric concerns of their peers but nevertheless, carving themselves into death metal lore for all time.

Still sounding just as vital, catchy, and headbang-inducing a quarter century after their debut, Obituary’s first album in five years, Inked In Blood, is soon upon us, released on 24th via the redoubtable Relapse Records, and Metal Hammer is proud to host a gore-filled stream in its entrail-laced entirety. Groove-laden, with visceral, chugging riffs that could animate a fetid corpse, this is death metal with a direct line to its glory days, combining the primeval and the immediate into a heady brew only true masters of the art can conjure. Get your decontamination kits at the ready and dive into Inked In Blood below!

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You can pre-order Inked In Blood from Relapse Records.

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