Eternal Tapestry explore Mountain Primrose


Eternal Tapestry have released a video for their track Mountain Primrose.

It’s the opening piece on Wild Strawberries, the US experimental psychedelic band’s first double-album, launched last week via Thrill Jockey.

The label say: “It was recorded in a secluded cabin under the shadow of Mount Hood in Zigzag, Oregon. The Zigzag River flowed nearby, and the group spent time between takes learning about the area’s floral make up and relaxing under the stars.

“This idealistic lifestyle, however temporary, helped to chart the course of the recording process. The song titles – named after plants specific to the region – speak to the influence of that environment. The lush atmosphere combined with a week-long sequestration from the outside world had a pronounced impact on the music, which unfolds in a panoramic slow-burn.

Wild Strawberries yields vast rewards for those who spend time in its aural forest.”

The album is on sale now. Eternal Tapestry visit the UK during the summer:

Jun 08: London Shacklewell Arms

Jun 09: Brighton Hope & Ruin

Jun 10: Manchester The Roadhouse

Jun 12: Glasgow Nice ’N’ Sleazys

Jun 13: Supersonic Festival, Birmingham


  1. Mountain Primrose

  2. Wild Strawberries

  3. Enchanter’s Nightshade

  4. Woodland Anemone

  5. Maidenhair Spleenwort

  6. Lace Fern

  7. Pale-Green Sedge

  8. White Adder’s Tongue