Entombed AD Kill To Live


Entombed AD have released a promo for Kill To Live.

It’s lifted from latest album Back To The Front, which launched in August via Century Media and the live footage was shot at the Party.San Metal Open Air festival in Germany earlier this year by production company Visions In Fear.

The band changed from Entombed to Entombed AD in January, following the departure of guitarist Alex Hellid. And the band’s Nico Elgstrand said the name change came about because they wanted to avoid a drawn-out legal battle.

He said: “Alex claimed the name Entombed belongs to him, which it doesn’t. But instead of getting into a lawsuit that would have gone on for a long time and wouldn’t have made anyone happy except a bunch of lawyers, we decided to add AD and get on with making music and touring as a band.”

Back To The Front tracklist

  1. Kill To Live 2. Bedlam Attack 3. The Underminer 4. Second To None 5. Allegiance 6. Waiting For Death 7. Eternal Woe 8. Digitus Medius 9. Vulture And The Traitor 10. Pandemic Rage 11. Soldier Of No Fortune