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Empty Yard Experiment stream Kallisti

Multicultural post-prog outfit Empty Yard Experiment have streamed latest album Kallisti via TeamRock, ahead of its release on September 29.

The lineup consists of vocalist-guitarist Bojan Preradovic, guitarist Mehdi Gr, bassist Kaveh Kashani: Bass // Vocals Gorgin Asadi and drummer Josh Saldanha. They formed in Dubai after making their separate ways from Serbia, Iran and India.

Citing Tool, Porcupine Tree, Mogwai and other as influences, they say: “This band has always been about setting ourselves apart musically as much as possible, and trying to make a difference. We provide our audience with our unique perspective on the world without spoon-feeding, and encourage them to construct their own as a result of that interaction.”

Empty Yard Experiment will announce a UK tour in due course. Find out more.

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