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ELO sign deal for new album

Electric Light Orchestra have signed a deal with Columbia Records to release their first new material in 15 years.

And mainman Jeff Lynne has vowed he’ll stick to his original values with the fresh work.

The news comes after Lynn led the first ELO concert in 30 years at London’s Hyde Park in 2014 – and later confirmed he was writing again.

In November he told Classic Rock the band were a “going concern,” adding: “It really felt nice to finally have my name in it, and not just by hiding behind those letters all the time. It gave me a lot more confidence.”

The band’s website says: “At the time of ELO’s formation, Lynne said the goal was to create modern rock and pop songs – a goal that remains true 30 years later with the creation of new material.”

Jeff Lynne: "ELO is a going concern again"