Jobson plans UK box set


Eddie Jobson is putting together a UK box set as “the last step” in the band’s history.

He brought an end to the outfit’s career with a farewell tour that ended in April. Now he says the only thing that’s missing is a “definitive collection” of their albums.

Jobson reports: “The last step is a collection to include the highest fidelity versions of UK, Danger Money, Night After Night and Reunion, along with the complete story of UK with photos from my archives.”

The package will also include a recording of the band’s concert at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia in 1978 – which featured Jobson, John Wetton, Bill Bruford and Allan Holdsworth – a music book and bonus material.

Jobson has revamped his Zealot’s Lounge fan site to act as a crowdfunding platform that he’s called Z-Funder.

He says: “We’re still in the process of adding store items and downloads – but please start by watching my Z-Funder video and consider lending your support with a reduced-price UK box-set, join me in the studio – or go all the way and have me come to your house for tea.”