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Doom fans killed in concert tragedy

Three fans of UK crustpunk pioneers Doom were killed and another 12 injured during a concert in Chile on Thursday night.

The band were performing in the San Martin Club, Santiago, when a restraining fence collapsed on the audience.

It’s believed the tragedy was a result of overcrowding. Police chief Hugo Insulza reported: “More people were in the club than should have been present.”

An emergency services spokesman added: “Even after the venue reached full capacity, people kept pushing to get in. That led to the collapse of a fence, that fell on people inside.”

Doom say in a statement: “We are deeply distressed. This tragedy happened without our knowledge and was completely out of our control.

“The first we heard was when we were told to leave the stage after a few songs, and taken back to our hotel. Only then did we receive trickles of information about the severity of this tragedy.

“This was our first time in Chile and we were unaware that such a thing could happen with such a devastating outcome. We would like to pass on our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who lost their lives or those who were seriously injured.”

The club’s manager has been arrested ahead of a full investigation.