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Donald Trump has clearly never heard Slipknot’s Iowa

(Image credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Image/George De Sota/Redferns)

Donald Trump may have recovered from COVID-19, but Election Fever seems to have gone to his head.

The US President has been roundly mocked after a tweet in which he boasted: “Nobody has ever done as much for Iowa as I have done for Iowa - Not even close!!!”

The metal world reacted in the only sensible way – by heaping scorn on him. Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton was quick off the blocks, tweeting: “But SLIPKNOT bruhhhh.”

Others swiftly piled in. “Pretty sure they draw bigger crowds.” quipped ‘Nnefarious Jack’. 

“If he hasn’t sold out the Iowa state fair I don’t wanna hear about it,” weighed in gag-meister Luie Atriano.

Not everyone was so light-hearted. “He didn’t reach out to the Iowans when that derecho hit us on August 10-11l,” tweeted Gabby Hendricks. “Crops damaged, profit destroyed, hell, I know someone who had their car totaled because of a tree fell on it. He hasn’t done jack shit. Not like we need him. We’re doing fine ever since then.”

Mr President, consider yourself schooled.

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