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Don Broco reveal Automatic

Don Broco will release their second album Automatic later this year, the band have confirmed.

The follow-up to 2012 debut Priorities will launch on August 7 via Epic Records and comes on the back of the UK band’s 2013 EP You Wanna Know.

The album was produced by Jason Perry, and the group report his drive motivated them to try a different approach to recording.

Guitarist Simon Delaney tells Kerrang!: “One of the main things Jason pushed us to do as a band was to stop trying to be so perfect in every respect.

“He told us that perfection isn’t what makes a great record, it’s about the feeling and connection.”

Frontman Rob Damiani adds: “When we first started writing we set ourselves stupid limits, but I think we needed that process because the four of us hadn’t written together before and we needed to rediscover how we could work as a team.”

Automatic is now available to pre-order from the band’s website, with those purchasing gaining access to tracks What You Do To Me and Money Power Fame instantly.

Damiani, Delaney, drummer Matt Donnelly and bassist Tom Doyle will play five dates in the UK this summer, including this year’s Slam Dunk festivals.

Automatic tracklist

  1. Superlove 2. Automatic 3. What You Do To Me 4. Fire 5. Nerve 6. Let You Get Away 7. I Got Sick 8. Keep On Pushing 9. Tough On You 10. Further

Tour dates

May 23: Slam Dunk Leeds

May 24: Slam Dunk Hatfield

May 25: Slam Dunk Wolverhampton

Jul 1718: Truck festival

Jul 31-Aug 02: Y Not festival