Disturbed's David Draiman praises bandmate for taking on 'cancel culture' with...a custom guitar design

Disturbed's David Draiman
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Disturbed's David Draiman has praised his bandmate Dan Donegan for challenging 'cancel culture' via a custom guitar design.

The frontman declared that he "couldn't be more proud" of Donegan, who recently had the phrase "fuck cancel culture" printed on a guitar in the style of the Coco-Cola logo.

On July 6, Donegan posted several images of his new instrument alongside the caption: "The new addition to my arsenal! "Thank you Marc LaCorte Matt Chewy Dezynski Schecter Guitars #FuckCancelCulture Disturbed".

Following the post, Draiman took to his Twitter to share a picture of the guitar alongside the message: "@DanDoneganGtr 's new guitar. I couldn't be more proud @Disturbed".

Fans in the replies seem to be pretty divided over the guitar's message, with one user writing: "Imagine being a grown-ass man and thinking this is pretty edgy", while another says: "I’d buy this and I don’t even play guitar. Nailed it!".

Another fan addresses the band's perception of cancel culture directly, writing: "Look- huge fan but cancel culture is a lie. I’m not a fan of Dan’s politics at all. But I love the band...These people claiming to be “cancelled” for saying shitty stuff didn’t get cancelled. Dave Chappelle got cancelled into four more Netflix specials worth millions. J.K Rowling got cancelled into a multi million dollar deal with WB."

Disturbed are certainly not the first band to offer their views on cancel culture. In fact, last month, Kiss' Paul Stanley said: "I find myself thinking 'Cancel Culture' is more dangerous than what it wants to cancel. Is censorship and silencing people okay if you believe you're right?? That is a slope we're already slipping down. You defeat lies with truth, not gags."

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Dan Donegan's cancel culture guitar

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