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District 97's singer Leslie Hunt announces solo EP

Leslie Hunt
(Image credit: Leslie Hunt)

District 97 singer Leslie Hunt has announced that she will release a brand new EP, Ascend, through Spirit Of Unicorn Records on June 25.

The 2007 American Idol finalist has released three solo albums outside of District 97; From The Strange To A Strange (2006), Your Hair Is On Fire (2009) and Wait For It (2012). And like those releases, Ascend highlights a more singer-songwriter approach compared with District 97's tricky rhythms

Ascend is described as a "collection of seven exquisite new songs, each one brilliantly written and performed, displaying an honesty and grace mixed with an impassioned beauty. Seven gorgeous and affecting reflections on how we’ve all no doubt felt about love and life at some point in our lives, captured and expertly shaped in the hands of this studied artist."

Ascend is the first part of a two EP set with a further 7-Track release titled Descend will be released in September. You can see the artwork and tracklisting below.

District 97 released a new live album, Screenplay, in March.

Pre-order Ascend.

Leslie Hunt

(Image credit: Cherry Red)

Leslie Hunt: Ascend
1. Starting Over
2. There You Are
3. Your Wind
4. Wolf Cried By
5. Right Here
6. Down The Road
7. The Key

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