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Devil Wears Prada talk Space tracks

The Devil Wears Prada frontman Mike Hranica has explained the ideas behind the first two tracks on their Space EP.

The six-track was released last week via Rise Records and is their first material since 2013’s 8:18.

Hranica says opening track Planet A was written by keyboardist Jonathan Gering and focuses on the story of a female aboard a spaceship which runs into trouble due to a malfunction.

He adds: “The idea is a shuttle flying through space and then it crashes. The commander of the ship is named Elizabeth and she wakes up alone – she’s the one survivor on this planet – and it ends on a notion of desperation.”

The frontman describes second track Alien as “the short abrupt song” adding, “When we first started talking about Space, it was the most immediate subject or the song that had to be on there.

“Lyrically, it doesn’t answer too much, but for me personally, the song is somewhere outside of Earth and there’s an attack by 10ft-tall aliens.

“It’s rather open-ended – I don’t know if the aliens won.”

The Ohio-based band recently released streams of Alien and Supernova. They’ll play the Riot Fest & Carnival, Chicago on September 12.