The Devil Wears Prada: Space EP

Ohio’s Christian metal mob reach for the stars

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No strangers to conceptual pieces, these six sci-fi-inspired songs mark five years since the Zombie EP saw TDWP throw off the shackles of their formative years to become one of the hottest properties in US metal.

This again marks a turning point, being their first after the departure of founding guitarist and chief songwriter Chris Rubey and 2013’s 8:18.

The Space EP sees the band tackle not only a different theme, but also mould their metalcore into more adventurous directions. Subtle electronic chimes underpin the lofty narrative of Planet A that takes the listener deep into the pages of Iain M Banks, Alien’s juggernaut riffs and chilling atmospheres conjure fear of the unknown, while a simple vocal melody flows brilliantly over Supernova’s inventive musical interplay. Asteroid’s thunderous assault morphs into a mournful lament to mankind’s fragility and an abrupt end to an intergalactic sojourn that you wish was a full-blown journey. On this evidence, things are looking promising for album number six.