Deafheaven release new song Honeycomb

Deafheaven performing live
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Deafheaven have released the first new piece of music since 2015's album New Bermuda

The song was posted on the band's YouTube channel and Facebook page simply with the message "This is Honeycomb, our new song." The band also revealed yesterday that bassist Chris Johnson has joined the band.

The stylised video shows the band recording Honeycomb and generally chilling out in idyllic outdoor settings with their friends. 

There has been no word on when a new album is coming, although the band have been posting studio pictures on their Instagram – including one featuring Chelsea Wolfe (opens in new tab).

Honeycomb lyrics

Shadows extend east
And Cortazar stares at women shuffling by who blot their lips from violent men
And say "god bless you"
I sulk with pause and
Loving mariachi soars against the red and yellow tents of strangers
Gifting geese the ends of bread.
8, 12, 13 hours and the people keep fighting for sleep, for rest...
I'm reluctant to stay sad
Life beyond is a field a flowers
My love is a nervous child lapping from the glowing lagoon of their presence
My love is a bulging, blue-faced fool hung from the throat by sunflower stems