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Deafheaven: New Bermuda

Post-black metal breakout crew brew up an emotional storm

In recent years music has become a commodity, something to stick on shuffle or toss away depending on the weekly trend.

Fans and musicians can forget that music isn’t just a tune, but an artform; the pouring of love, hate, fear, anger and everything in between onto a tape. But some bands know the strongest connection comes deep from within. Recorded live and directly to tape in California, Deafheaven’s new opus is a tsunami of noise, swelling and crashing like waves sent from Poseidon amid a vast ocean.

At times the storm subsides and open waters come into full view before the ferocity of San Francisco’s poetic post-black metal assault submerges you in a world of extremes – from the retching vocals to unstoppable blastbeats to deafening shoegaze, this is pain in its purest form. Let it wash over you, drag you deep into the abyss these five harbingers of destruction have created, and drown you in a sea of aggression and truth.