David Sylvian vinyl reissues for Blemish and Manafon

David Sylvian
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David Sylvian is to have two of his Noughties abums, Blemish and Manafon, reissued on vinyl through SamadhiSound/UMC on September 2.

Blemish will be a ingle disc while Manofan will be double vinyl, and  both have been recut for vinyl by veteran engineer Tony Cousins at Metropolis studios.

Blemish was originally released online in 2003, with a physical release following the next year (now regarded as a collectors item). Largely solo, the compositions were crafted from improvisational sessions by Sylvian and the acclaimed free-jazz guitarist Derek Bailey on three tracks and Austrian guitarist & producer Christian Fennesz on A Fire In A Forest.

Manafon was released in 2009 and was Sylvian’s second solo album for the samadhisound label, and saw Sylvian working with some of the world’s leading free improvisers, including Evan Parker, Keith Rowe, Christian Fennesz, Sachiko M, Otomo Yoshihide, John Tilbury and members of Polwechsel working in small ensembles.

Both albums are reissued on 180g vinyl. You can view packshots and tracklisting below.


David Sylvian

(Image credit: SamahdiSound/UMC)

David Sylvian

(Image credit: SamahdiSound/UMC)

David Sylvian


Side A
Blemish (13:42)
The Good Son (5:25)
The Only Daughter (5:28)

Side B
The Heart Knows Better (7:52)
She Is Not (0:45)
Late Night Shopping (2:54)
How Little We Need To Be Happy (3:22)
A Fire In The Forest (4:14)
Trauma (5:42)


Side A
Small Metal Gods (5:49)
The Rabbit Skinner (4:42)
Random Acts if Senseless Violence (7:06)

Side B
The Greatest Living Englishman (10:55)
125 Spheres (0:29)

Side C
Snow White in Appalachia (6:36)
Emily Dickinson (6:25)
The Department of Dead Letters (2:26)

Side D
Manafon (5:23)
Random Acts of Senseless Violence – Dai Fujikura Remix (6:24)

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