David Crosby: Sing about politics, but make people boogie

David Crosby
David Crosby (Image credit: Getty)

David Crosby says musicians should sing about politics, but make people “boogie.”

The singer-songwriter reveals that his song Somebody Other Than You – which features on his fifth solo album Lighthouse – is about war, big business and corruption in the US government.

He tells UCR: “There are these politicians in Washington who are run by the corporations, because corporations gave them the money to get elected, and they send our kids off to war. Now they and the corporation that owns them couldn’t give a shit about the death, about the guy who got his shoulder blown off.

“To them, that’s just the cost of doing business. That’s just keeping the quarterly report good. They don’t care. I do.

“I’m deeply offended by the fact that these politicians send your kids and not theirs. I think that that’s pretty evident in the song. But you can’t do a steady diet of this stuff.”

Crosby continues: “Look, our main job is to make you boogie. Our main job is to take you on a little emotional voyage, give you windows into stuff. Occasionally our job is to go back to our troubadour times and be the town crier and say, ‘Hey, it’s 11:30 and this isn’t okay. You’ve just selected somebody that’s going to nearly destroy the country. Aren’t you watching?’

“A steady diet of that means you’ve got no people listening. It is a small part of our job, though. All of those things are stuff that we’re trying to do, but the basic thing is that the songs have to be great.

“I only have a certain amount of time here and these songs are going to last way longer than I am. So I craft them to be the absolute best that I can get them. Everybody’s got their own way of looking at their life and their work. That’s the way I look at mine.”

Graham Nash reported earlier this year he’d consider getting back together with Crosby – despite the pair becoming embroiled in a war of words in the past. But Crosby said he’s not looking for a reunion with his former Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young bandmates.

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