Dave Grohl posts an emotional open letter to Foo Fighters fans, and UK fans have spotted a massive potential Glastonbury hint

Foo Fighters standing together outside at night
(Image credit: Danny Clinch)

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has written an emotional note to fans of his band, thanking them for getting the group through their first set of shows without late drummer Taylor Hawkins.

The new-look Foos, featuring new drummer Josh Freese, have been playing US shows in support of their just-released album But Here We Are, and the positive vibes and support from the Los Angeles-based band's fan base has not gone unnoticed by Grohl.

"Hey, it's been a while," Grohl's hand-written note, posted on the Foo Fighters' social media channels, begins. "Now that we've returned from our first run of shows, I felt compelled to reach out and thank you all for being there for us.

"Every night, when I see you singing, it makes me sing harder. When I see you screaming, it makes me scream louder. When I see your tears, it brings me to tears. And when I see your joy, it brings me joy. But, I see you... and it feels good to see you, churning up these emotions together.

"Because we've always done this together.

Time and time again.

See you soon.


UK fans, meanwhile, have taken particular notice of Grohl's use of the phrase "churning up these emotions", as the official line-up for this month's Glastonbury festival includes a main stage slot for a band named The Churnups, already rumoured to be Foo Fighters (particularly since Pulp's drummer swears that its not Jarvis Cocker's band).

"Is nobody going to mention the FRICKIN CHURNING UP part?!?!" Alexg_gilmore posted, while lia_heath writes “churning up…” = The Churnups?! Please put us out of our Glastonbury misery Dave, is it you?! ❤️

A subtle hint, sheer coincidence or simply Grohl being mischievous? Time will tell.


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