Datsuns awake from Deep Sleep


Kiwi rockers The Datsuns have confirmed details of their upcoming sixth album – and offered lead track Caught In The Silver as a free download.

Download it now via their Bandcamp page. Deep Sleep will be released on October 6 after being recorded in 10 days at Roundhead Studios in Auckland, New Zealand. It clocks in at little over half an hour.

The band admit they aim to make the most of their time together as they juggle music with day-to-day life. Frontman Dolf de Borst says: “We’re not fucking around. We’re all conscious of the fact that we don’t live close to each other, we’re getting older, and people have families. So if we’re together, we’re going to make records.”

The Datsuns say the album – their first since 2012’s Death Rattle Boogie – draws on influences including Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult and Bloodrock.

While they were recording they developed an interest in 1970s French comic Kris Kool created by cult psychedelic artist Caza. Inspired by his artwork while in the studio, the band contacted 72-year-old Caza direct and licensed an image for the front cover of Deep Sleep.