Dani Filth says axed guitarist forgot priorities

Dani Filth says a parting of the ways with Paul Allender has been on the cards for a year due to the guitarist being based on the other side of the Atlantic.

The Cradle of Filth frontman confirmed Allender had left the band while he also laid the blame for the split at Allender prioritising his side project White Empress ahead of his own band.

Filth tells Bleedin’ Loud: “Paul has left which not everybody is aware of. We weren’t planning on it, because it was the kind of thing that has been, kind of, brewing for the last year or so. Not so much on a personal level, but living in America and then him doing his side project and getting kind of lost in that.”

Another issue which caused the splintering of the relationship between Allender and Cradle was his reluctance to embrace a second guitarist, which is something Filth says the band may want to look into again.

Filth explains: “Well, that’s the thing. We only really had one guitarist for the last two albums. Paul had a very strong opinion about doing that, and we’re a two-guitar band. So that may be one of the things that kind of opened the fissure a bit.”

The British extreme metallers already have a large chunk of their follow up to 2012’s The Manticore And Other Horrors written or in the can and Filth says it is sounding “awesome”.