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Clutch aim for 'diverse' 11th album

Clutch drummer Jean-Paul Gaster says the band’s upcoming album will feature some funk and blues elements.

Describing their 11th album – due out in September – as more “diverse” than 2013’s Earth Rocker, Gaster says fans will hear the passion coming through on the new material.

He tells the Phoenix New Times: “The songs are a bit more diverse on this one. We covered some funk and bluesy things that we didn’t get to as much on Earth Rocker.

“I think the performances were very inspired. We rehearsed the songs more on this record than any recordings in the past. The tunes have a very passionate feel to them.”

Frontman Neil Fallon recently said the tracks – which are currently being mixed – were written so soon after Earth Rocker that they won’t be hugely different.