Clive Nolan in emergency eye op


Clive Nolan has thanked fans for their support after he had to undergo emergency eye surgery.

The Pendragon, Shadowland and Arena man suffered a detached retina last week. He’s now waiting to find out whether the operation was a success.

Nolan says: “I found myself in the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, where a couple of surgeons did what they had to. It was decided it should be local anaesthetic – so that turned out to be a long 70 minutes, which I won’t describe right now!

“They believe the operation went well, but the results will be unknown for a while yet. I have to sit in a fixed position day after day, hoping that my sight will return.”

He continues: “I would be lying if I said this wasn’t freaking me out. But I am strengthened by the kind thoughts you have sent me. I will do my best to be a patient patient, and look forward to annoying you with my music just as soon as I can.”

Last month, Nolan led performances of his musicals She, Beyond The Veil and Alchemy over the course of one weekend.