Classic Rock launches Birthday Beer


If there are two things that go together, it's beer and celebrating. Indeed, if there are three things that go together, it's beer, celebrating and rock music. So we're celebrating the 200th edition of Classic Rock by doing the obvious: launching a beer.

We’ve done it properly, too. We didn’t just turn up at some random brewery and demand they slap a label on a bottle with our name on it. We went to the master brewers at Signature Brew, who say they’re “passionately committed to improving the beer served at gigs and festivals”, so it seemed like a good match, and we told them what we wanted.

After much experimentation in their beer laboratory, they came back with some alternatives. We tested them, and then we tested them some more, and then we had to call a cab and go home because our heads hurt. The following morning we made our decision, and now you can buy Strange Brew online.

To be completely frank, it’s fucking delicious: connoisseurs will enjoy the faint notes of roasted toffee and orange marmalade, while regular drinkers will enjoy it because it just tastes bleedin’ brilliant.

Strange Brew is available now from

Available in the UK only. Must be over 18 to purchase. Please drink responsibly.

If your newsagent isn’t selling issue 200 of Classic Rock, you can order it online from MyFavouriteMagazines.

Alternatively, you can download the Classic Rock magazine app from iTunes.

Special Offer: to celebrate 200 issues of Classic Rock, we’re offering a year’s subscription for just £26, which works out at just 200 pence per issue, delivered right to your door.