Classic Rock’s 200th issue: one day to go!

Classic Rock is 244 pages long. That's over 100 pages longer than a regular edition, and yet it costs precisely the same amount as normal issue. How did we do this? Easy: we filled the pages with so many interviews we figured the accountants would be too busy reading to notice.

Let’s open up a page at random. What have we got? Steve Perry, Pamela Des Barres and J Macsis, that’s who. Open another: Tommy Lee and Ann Wilson. Another? Lemmy, Rick Springfield, Suzi Quatro and Jim Dandy.

We’ve divided everything into sections. So there’s Ginger Baker and Chrissie Hynde on drugs (so to speak). There’s Vince Neil and Status Quo on fame, and there’s Geddy Lee and Michael Schenker on family. That’s just three sections, leaving another 22 we haven’t even mentioned yet. And there’s the 200 greatest songs in Classic Rock’s lifetime, plus all of our regular features and a free CD.

The 200th edition of Classic Rock is available to buy in the shops on July 16, but you can also order this 244-page monster online.

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