Chickenfoot album currently too much work - Hagar


Sammy Hagar says he would love to record a new Chickenfoot album but doesn’t think it will happen soon as everyone in the band is busy with other projects.

He recently revealed working with The Circle was his main priority – but he now says recording the follow-up to 2011’s Chickenfoot III isn’t out of the question.

He tells Vintage Rock: “I would make another Chickenfoot album but it’s just too much work right now. I love Chickenfoot – it’s my favourite band, but I just don’t see us getting back together and making a record right now. Everybody’s got so much to do.

“Chickenfoot records are difficult because we’ve got to get together, we write and we work, and we write and we work – it’s really, tough.”

The Red Rocker released his first solo acoustic album Lite Roast last month via Mailboat Records and he reveals it took him a week to produce – and says the process was fun and easy.

He continues: “It’s not like I just did an acoustic record of a bunch of old songs and put them in acoustic format. It was fun, it was easy. I did it in a week – I like doing stuff like that.

“That’s where the music industry is to me now. It isn’t about spending a million on a record and selling 125,000 copies. It’s more about doing something you like to do. ‘I’ve got a great song, I’m going to give it to the fans.’ Or, ‘I’m going to put it up on the website and make a video.’ It’s just about experimenting and having fun.”

Earlier this year the band’s axeman Joe Satriani confirmed demos had been made for Chickenfoot’s third album – but said the situation was “chaotic.”