Chester's leg break mending fast


Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo says Chester Bennington is recovering quickly from the horrific leg injury that forced him to cancel a run of Linkin Park shows last month.

The vocalist is currently recording material with STP after taking over from Scott Weiland, who was dismissed in 2013.

Bennington required surgery on his ankle after first trying to stay on the road with the injury.

Now DeLeo tells WAAF: “He’s healing pretty quickly. He’s just of that mindset and physicality where he wills his body to do that.

“He hurt himself badly. It was not only a break – the guy tore darn near every ligament in the ankle. They had to go in on each side. He has about a five-inch incision on each side. They had to go in an assemble a big bowl of spaghetti.”

Meanwhile, DeLeo describes STP’s latest compositions as “rawkin’” and adds: “It kind of sounds like us. I’d like to think it’s not anything we’ve done before – we don’t want to repeat ourselves.”

The band launch a US tour in April. Bennington said in 2013 that, even though he’d always wanted to work with STP, Linkin Park would remain his priority.