Cavalera couldn't help Cobain's Brazil Heroin hunt


Max Cavalera’s wife Gloria has recalled a phone call in which Kurt Cobain asked her husband where he could score heroin in Brazil.

In a blog post about the couple’s son Zyon, Gloria recalls being pregnant with the child when the Nirvana frontman got in touch.

She writes: “If I remember correctly, it came in shortly after Max and I got home from the Ministry/Helmet/Sepultura tour. I was super pregnant and laying on the couch. The phone rings and Max answers.

“Max was surprised to hear Kurt Cobain on the other end of the phone line. He had gotten our phone number from someone in Brazil. He explained that he was in Brazil, playing a big festival.

“He was looking for heroin and wondered if Max knew where he could get some. Max was pretty surprised and didn’t really know how to answer. Max said, ‘No, I don’t know how to get anything like that, and I am in America.’

“Kurt kept the conversation going for a bit and then switched the topic to pregnant wives. Kurt said he had heard that we were expecting a child. He said he hoped I would have an easier time than Courtney had in labour. He sent me some good wishes and went on his way.”

Cavalera’s Soulfly released latest album, Archangel last year, with drummer Zyon and his brother bassist Igor Jr joining the band’s touring lineup. Cavalera described it as “a dream come true for any metal dad.”