Catherine Anne Davies announces collaboration with Bernard Butler

Catherine Anne Davies/Bernard Butler
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Catherine Anne Davies, aka The Anchoress, and former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler have released a brand new video for The Breakdown. It's taken from a new one-off collaboration between the two entitled In Memory Of My Feelings which will be released through Needle Mythology on September 18.

The pair originally hooked up back almost ten years ago when Butler's then label suggested working with Davies might prove fruitful. “I’m not especially interested in recreating whatever’s worked on previous projects,” Butler explains, “Odd is what I look for – and, by ‘odd’ what I really mean is ‘character’."

"We talked about the two Polly Jean Harvey and John Parish albums,” says Davies, “– not so much for the sound of them, but for the fact that they designated a neutral space where the two could meet.”

A chance meeting between Butler and Needle Mythology label owner, the writer and broadcaster Peter Paphides, kickstarted the current burst of activity that has seen the project come to fruition.

“Bernard and I live a few streets from each other,” explains Paphides, “But I hadn’t seen Bernard for ages. And when we did bump into each other, I explained that I’d started this reissue label. I jokingly asked him if he had anything he’d like me to reissue – and he mentioned this project, but added that it wouldn’t be of any interest to me because it hadn’t been released in the first place. I knew Catherine anyway, but she hadn’t mentioned this record to me at any point, so it was all a bit surreal.”

“If you have the luxury to wait long enough, a project will tell you what it needs to be,” says Davies. Butler agrees, “I’d got used to the idea that the record might never emerge. Occasionally, I’d listen to it on my headphones if I was on the bus or something, I always had the same thought, 'I wish I could go to a record shop and buy this'."

Memory of My Feelings will be released on heavyweight vinyl pressing plus bonus 7”, housed in a gatefold sleeve. The CD comes with 12-page colour booklet. 

Pre-order Memory Of My Feelings.

Catherine Anne Davies/Bernard Butler

(Image credit: Catherine Anne Davies/Bernard Butler)

Catherine Anne Davies/Bernard Butler: Memory Of My Feelings
The Breakdown
Ten Good Reasons
Sabotage (Looks So Easy)
In Memory Of My Feelings
I Know
No More Tears To Cry
The Waiting Game
The Patron Saint Of The Lost Cause
Live To Tell*
The Patron Saint Of The Lost Cause (Harmonium Version)*

*Bonus tracks

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