Carcass plan to write between festival shows


Carcass guitarist Bill Steer says he hopes to use some upcoming downtime to work on the band’s next album.

The British metal heroes released Surgical Steel in 2013 and a follow-up EP, Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel, in 2014. And with a string of festival dates in Germany, France, Italy and more on the horizon, Steer wants to get to work on what will be their seventh studio album.

He tells The Rockpit: “Personally I’m keeping my fingers crossed a bit that things don’t get too hectic because it would be quite nice in between these festivals to get a little bit of work done regarding the next album.

“I’ve already been jamming quite a bit but you don’t like to force these things, you create when you feel ready. It’s very early days on that one but I think when you’re doing festivals you have the luxury of being at home for an average of four to five days a week. That’s brilliant but I think we want to make the most of that and actually get some work done.”

Singer Jeff Walker said last week that working on Surgical Steel proved to be a tortuous experience.