Carcass Jeff describes studio 'torture'


Carcass frontman Jeff Walker describes making the band’s 2013 comeback album Surgical Steel as “torture.”

The bassist and vocalist puts the trauma down to the fact they were using digital recording tools rather than tape, which they’d always done previously.

He believes that, although the technology offered the chance to tidy up imperfections, it made for a laborious process rather than a fun experience.

Walker tells Rock Overdose (via Blabbermouth): “It started off fun – then it turned into complete torture. It took a lot longer than we expected. And gradually some of the fun we had was getting squeezed out of the sessions.

“One of the main problems with digital is that you can do many takes and just keep going and keep going, and you leave the decision-making until later. It took longer than we anticipated. It took months.”

Surgical Steel was Carcass’ first since 1996’s Swansong and received widespread critical acclaim. They followed up with an EP called Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel last year, which featured material recorded during the album sessions.