Carcass, Goatwhore on Sherlock TV show


The music of death metal heroes Carcass and Goatwhore reached a whole new audience when it appeared on an episode of hit TV series Elementary.

The show stars Jonny Lee Miller as detective Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr Joan Watson in a US take on the BBS series Sherlock.

In a scene from the latest season three episode to be broadcast on CBS, Holmes plays a song from each band in an office and he and Watson try to crack a case that is giving the New York Police Department some trouble.

The scene also name checks late Death frontman Chuck Schuldiner. Holmes recounts online postings from a user calling himself “Schuldiner.”

Meanwhile, Glenn Danzig says one of his new songs will appear on the next volume of the soundtrack for zombie TV series The Walking Dead.

Danzig tells Trunk Nation: “I don’t know if it’s gonna be in an upcoming episode. They wanna find a place for it there — but it’ll definitely be on the soundtrack.

“I actually wrote that song just because I became a fan of the show. And I’m, like, ‘I should write a song for them and see if they wanna use it.’ And then my lawyer, Peter, was telling me about the soundtrack, and I submitted it, and they loved it.”

Danzig recently revealed he is currently working on three separate releases, including an EP of Elvis Presley covers.