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Danzig juggles 3 separate releases

Danzig will release his 10th album in the autumn of next year – with his long-awaited covers collection due out in March.

The as-yet-untitled record will be his first since 2010’s Deth Red Sabaoth. The covers album was announced as far back as 2012 but has not surfaced. The singer tells it will finally be released in March 2015, with an album of original material to follow later in the year.

In August, Danzig also revealed he was working on a separate EP of Elvis Presley covers – Danzig Sings Elvis.

He says: I’m pretty lucky in that a long time ago I started my own label. So I can just put out stuff when I want as long as I have a good distributor and no one can kick me off my own label.

“So I make sure that it sounds like what people expect Danzig to sound like and hopefully they’ll like the product when it comes out. That’s really all that I do.”

Danzig was involved in a bitter royalties dispute with his former Misfits bandmates earlier this year, only for his case to be dismissed by the court.